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december 2017

Love recipient
First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs

They need love because..
This church and the town of Sutherland Springs, Texas needs love and healing after a deadly shooting in the First Baptist Church. Twenty-six people were killed and twenty others were injured. The deadly shooting took ten women, seven men, seven girls, one boy and an unborn child.

This is the kind of love they need..
Compassion, scripture, messages of comfort and love

The list of the individual lives taken:
Robert Corrigan, 51- Served in the Air Force for 29 years. Him and his wife Shani were married for 32 years.
Shani Corrigan, 51- She met her husband Rober were high school sweethearts. Her and her husband were married for 32 years.

Joann Lookingbill Ward, 30 - She died attempting to shield of her children from the shooter. She pushed down all her children when the gunman entered the church firing. Joann leaves behind her husband, Chris and two of her children, Ryland and Rihanna.
Emily Garcia, 7 - She was the daughter of Joann and sister of Brooke, all three killed in the shooting. Her father, Chris and two siblings, Ryland and Rihanna survived the shooting.
Brooke Bryanne Ward, 5 - She was the daughter of Joann and sister of Emily, all three killed in the shooting. Her father, Chris and two siblings, Ryland and Rihanna survived the shooting. See article & video: 5-Year-Old Survivor Of Church Shooting Wants Christmas Cards

Haley Krueger, 16 - She was vibrant and loved life. She loved babies and was looking forward to a career as a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit.

Dennis Neil Johnson Sr., 77 - Married to Sara for 44 years. Had six children, grandparents and expecting great-grandchildren.
Sara Johns Johnson, 68 - Married to Dennis for 44 years. Died alongside her husband.

Ricardo Rodriguez, 64 - Married to Therese for 11 years. Both longtime member of the church.
Therese Rodriguez, 66 - Married to Ricardo for 11 years. Died alongside her husband.

John Bryan Holcombe, 60 - He was serving as a guest pastor. Known to friends and family as Bryan.
Karla Plain Holcombe, 58 - Karla died alongside her husband John "Bryan" Holcombe.
Marc Daniel Holcombe, 36 - Son of Bryan & Karla. Known as "Danny" to friends and family. He died alongside his 18-month-old daughter, Noah.
Noah Grace Holcombe, 1 - Noah was 18-month-old daughter of "Danny."
Crystal Marie Holcombe, 36 - Crystal was almost 4 months pregnant with John Holcombe's first child together. John survived. Crystal's life was taken alongside her children from her first marriage; Greg Hill, Emily Hill and Megan Hill. Her 6 year-old daughter, Evelyn was taken to the University Hospital but was in stable condition.
Carlin Brite "Billy Bob" Holcombe, unborn child - Crystal was pregnant with her at the time of her death.
Gregory Lynn Hill, 13 - His life was taken alongside his mother, Crystal and two of his sisters, Emily and Megan.
Emily Rose Hill, 11 - Her life was taken alongside her mother, Crystal and her brother, Greg and her sister, Megan.
Megan Gail Hill, 8 - Her life was taken alongside her mother, Crystal and her brother, Greg and her sister Emily.

Karen Marshall, 56 - She met her husband 30 years ago in the military, they recently just moved to Texas from Pennsylvania. This was their first time attending First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs.
Robert Scott Marshall, 56 - His life was taken alongside his wife, Karen.

Tara McNulty, 33- She lived with Bryan and Karla Holcombe and she called them "Mom" and "Dad."

Peggy Warden, 56- She loved to help others. Her sister, Leisa says that she was the foundation of their family.

Lula Woicinski White, 71- She was a loving grandmother who volunteered frequently at the church. She enjoyed the outdoors, fishing and spending time with her family.

Annabelle Renae Pomeroy, 14 - She was the daughter of Sherri and Frank, the church's regular pastor who was traveling when the shooting occurred. Known as "Belle" by her friends and family.

More information on each victim:

Sutherland Springs Texas Shooting victims

Love recipient
Debra & Ty

They need love because..
They lost their 9 year old son, Drake on December 3rd, while commuting over the Mountain Pass coming home from his Basketball tournament. A vehicle in the oncoming traffic lost control and struck their vehicle. They son was killed at the scene. Mom and Grandma were hospitalized.

This is the kind of love they need..
Love, Hugs, Compassion, Encouragment, Sympathy

Some insight on them:
Drake was very active in sports, bmxing and 4-H, he did it all. He loved being with his friends and made friends easily. He entertained his family, kept them laughing and loving.

"Debra and Ty, Our deepest and most sincere sympathies to you and your family for the loss of your son.
Our community and school was blessed to have known Drake."

january 2018

Love recipient

They need love because..
She lost her father.

This is the kind of love they need..
Reminder that she is surrounded by love and not alone Prompts for laughter Compassion and empathy.

Loves singing, music and dancing Finds peace during movement in the mountains, i.e. Hiking, biking, backcountry skiing, Nordic skiing, walkabouts and picnics in mountains.

Some insight on them:
I just want you to know that you are surrounded by love & support. Please know many people are present and available for you during this challenging life journey. Remember to breathe in the radiance of life step by step during this love love you!!!

Love recipient
Betsy & Leonard

They need love because..
Betsy and Leonard lost their 2 sons within 3 weeks of each other. Justin Cobb passed away unexpectedly on September 9, 2017, his forty-third birthday while jogging. What was most important to Justin was his family. He was an adoring husband and a loving father to his two sons, Houston and Witten. He loved nothing more than supporting, cheering, defending, coaching, teaching, and guiding them through example. Justin showed his children, friends, and all who knew him what love in action looks like. He was the first to volunteer, the first to step up, the one that stuck to his word, and offered support, prayers, and love to anybody in need. Then, on September 29th, Brent and family were in a violent collision near Montgomery, Al. He was killed in the collision...his wife and two sons were hospitalized. He lived a life of dedication and devotion, a life firmly grounded in his walk with Christ and made manifest in the generosity and loyalty he gave to his relationships with his family and friends. Brent was deeply committed to his wife Catherine Gilliam Cobb and their sons James Benjamine and Matthew Brent, who will be forever filled with Brent's steadfast and sturdy presence. His life was one of discipline and purpose, balanced with compassion and a fun loving, upbeat, optimistic spirit.

This is the kind of love they need..
Definitely words of encouragement and compassion. They are a religious family and now that the holidays have passed, I would imagine reality is just starting to set in, which is why I believe they could use some love. Maybe a book like Jesus Calling, or a similar daily devotional.

In a sympathy card to these family friends, I emphasized what a quality life these two young men lived while here on Earth, just too short. I also encouraged the parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to cherish the good times and remember what good people they raised.

Some insight on them:
This is an amazing family, deeply rooted in community and family values and they've been blindsided with grief. Don't know any favorites... kids are young and involved in sports. Thanks for any love you can send their way!

Love recipient

They need love because..
Sara lost her only son back in July, she's been unable to bare it.

This is the kind of love they need..
Love, compassion, encouragement, prayers.

Sara, There are no words to express my deepest sympathy for the loss of your son. May god infuse your heart and soul with comfort. All my love...

Some insight on them:
Sara is in her 70's and lost her only son back in July. Please send her love, prayers, compassion and encouragement. She loves home made, gardening, sewing, crafting. She has a dog, named Annie, who keeps her moving every single day and brings her joy and motivation when she needs it.

Love recipient

They need love because..
Frances is 84 years old and starting to lose her memory. She's living with her daughter for assistance in care and has started standing at the front door, looking out, waiting for the mailman to arrive with a letter or two from family and friends.

This is the kind of love they need..
Love, kindness, compassion

Frances, You are an amazingly kind and wonderful in every way. You are so loved! May the worlds beauty surround you always!

Some insight on them:
She loves her family and friends, and has a heart of gold. Please send her notes of love and beauty!

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