Meet & Make Events

Join your community and make 'notes of love' at our public events.

Listed below are public events being held all over the country. If you are holding a People Spread Love event in your community, email us and we'll ensure it makes the website and our monthly e-newsletter. Note: Posting your event on various community calendars in our area is strongly encouraged.

- events -

wed, jan 24th @ 5pm
Moe's Original BBQ // Jackson, WY // RSVP

- raok -

We preform Random Acts of Kindness (ROAK) in our communities.

show gratitude..
to your Postal Workers // Kelly, Wilson & both Jackson locations
Hold up gratitude signs that are pre-made for you to use to show your appreciation!

Email us if you want to join in!

If you haven't been to a "Meet & Make" event, there really is nothing like it. You surround yourself with other people in the community that want to spread love too.

How it Works

  • People submit "love requests" on the PSL site on behalf of those who may need a little extra encouragement, support, gratitude, etc.
  • Love Ambassadors, such as Vanessa and Heather, host Meet & Make events in their communities.
  • Folks from the community get together to make cards that are made especially for folks in the "Who Needs Love" list
  • We bundle the cards (approximately 6 per person) and mail them to the address provided. 

  • Interested in Hosting?

    If you'd like to host an event, great!
    Contact your local Love Ambassador to find out when/where will work best.
    If you don't have a Love Ambassador/Love Supporter in your area, then let's talk about you becoming one! ;)

    We'd love to hear from those that want to help start spreading love in our communities.
    Check out how you can Begin PSL in your community.

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